Who’s Raising Your Business?

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The comparison of a startup to raising a child is pretty spot on. In the beginning, you have no idea what to do and when you do take action, most of the time you are just praying you aren’t screwing anything up.  You forget that someone with way too much time on their hands invented this thing called, “sleep” and you spend a solid 25 minutes in front of the mirror each morning trying to get all of your newly acquired grey hairs with a pair tweezers.

 …but you love it. It’s yours. You want nothing more than to watch it grow, thrive, and surpass every expectation you have ever had for it. You know that to get there it is going to take a lot more than good intentions. It is going to take love, time, dedication, and personal sacrifice. It is also going to take a lot of help. No one ever raised a child into a happy, well-rounded and successful adult by using the Rapunzel Parenting Method of isolating them from all outside influences and locking them in a tower (we all know how that worked out).
If you have children, think about who has played a role in helping you. Think about who taught you the best practices of parenting. If you don’t have children, think about everyone who has mentored you in any aspect of life. Maybe Grandpa John taught you about money, Aunt Kathy taught you to care for others or Uncle Steve showed you how to throw the perfect spiral. Without that insight would you be the same person you are today? A business is no different and everyone playing a role in its growth is going to have an impact on the final result.
As the gravity of that sinks in, ask yourself a question; do you want anyone short of spectacular influencing the outcome of your child or your business? Great people yield great results. Don’t sell yours baby’s future short.
Take a minute to read through Tony Robbins comparison and get a little more insight on how, like people, businesses change as they age.
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