Discovering the Key Ingredient that Propels Dynamic Teams to Success

Key to SuccessRecruiting top talent to join your team is essential to moving your business forward and reaching your full potential, but adding star players to your lineup is only part of the process. More work is required to take full advantage of your new talent as well as make the most of your existing staff. Corporate trailblazer Google recently undertook a massive study of exactly what qualities make for the most successful teams and their conclusions might surprise you.

Google People Operations Analyst Julia Rozovsky shared the results of Google’s experience on the re: Work blog last week and I highly recommend you check it out:

The five keys to a successful Google team

The Big Picture according to Google? Who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions.

Don’t get the wrong impression, you must to have the right players on your team (it’s okay, you can call us if this is a problem) but what you do with them once you have them may be just as important. Creating the right team dynamics is the best way to ensure that everyone; new hires as well as your existing talent, can make the most of their potential.

Overwhelmingly, Google researchers found the most important quality in a successful team was the ‘psychological safety’. While the term may conjure up painful images of corporate retreats and hokey trust games, our everyday actions have the potential for far greater impact on team dynamics than anannual getaway.

It’s important that everyone on your team feels safe to take risks, to ask questions, to clarify purpose.

Don’t laugh. There really is no such thing as a stupid question or a stupid idea. Good innovation necessarily generates a lot of ideas. Granted, some are decidedly better than others. It’s all part of the process. But if you scorn the idea of the ‘McOyster’ today, the team member who thinks tomorrow that a coffee-flavored slushy would be a great idea might just keep that idea to herself and BAM you’d miss the Frappuccino.

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