CVirtual is the TiVo of Hiring

CV Logo 2014 FFYNHWe as people hate to waste time and we, as a company, will never waste yours. 

What did you do before TiVo?  You suffered through commercials or got up to get a snack or used the bathroom, right?

What do you do when you have a bad interview or an interview is going painfully, painfully long?  You simply can’t get up to get a snack or use the bathroom.  No matter how bad you want to.

Fortunately for you, CVirtual has created the TiVo for the hiring interview process with its pre-recorded virtual interviews.

We’re all familiar with how TiVo works. It records your program and allows you to fast-forward past the commercials so you can get back to your show faster.

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How CVirtual works to help not waste your time. We:

  1. Spend 45 – 60 minutes understanding the company, culture, and job position
  2. Create a job description and post it
  3. Reach out to passive candidates and our database of candidates
  4. Source all resumes
  5. Create a Virtual Interview based on questions that are important to you as the hiring manager
  6. Send out a Virtual Interview link to most the qualified candidates
  7. You review, skip, or fast-forward the interviews that you don’t like or feel are the best fit for your company


Can you imagine your life without TiVo or any other DVR type of device?  What about virtual interviews?

You might not have experienced virtual interviews yet.  Let us show you how easy they make life when you have a position to fill.

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Let us spend 45-60 minutes with you to understand your company, culture, and the open position.  We’ll do the rest and send on over qualified virtual interviews of candidates for the position.  If you like what you see and want to move forward with one of the candidates, we can enter a contract and help you fill that position.

To set up a time to discuss your company and its needs, contact Ashley at 877-300-1950 to schedule a time with a specialist who knows your industry inside and out.