December is a great time to look for a new job.

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There is a popular myth that December is the worst time to look for a new job.  Recruiters and Human Resource Executives will tell you this is false.

Many companies are facing pressure to fill vacant seats before heading into the New Year to ensure Q1 company business objectives are met. In my experience, companies work harder this time of year to engage top talent and will speed up their hiring process due to the pressure to make the first quarter soar. That means you as a candidate can get screened and interviewed in a much shorter time frame.  Just last month on Thanksgiving Eve, one of my clients extended an offer to a candidate to make sure the candidate could start as soon as possible and be trained before the kickoff of the New Year. Over the course of my career, I myself have started two positions in December.  Many of my colleagues report December as the strongest month for placements!

As a candidate starting your search, beginning now will let you stand out in a few ways. There will be less competition this time of year since many job seekers believe the myth that ‘no one is hiring in December’.  Additionally, as the holiday season gets going, many managers and recruiters have lighter schedules and so communication and scheduling will actually be easier until around Dec 23rd.   By starting your career search this time of year you show that even during the holiday season you maintain a sense determination and commitment that many employers will respect. Last but not least, the holiday season tends to put us all in a friendlier mood.

2016 will be here in the blink of an eye and if you want to make a career change and take on new challenges next year, now is the time to start.  Dust off your resume, contact a recruiter, scan the job listings and get your ‘interview suit’ ready. History shows that starting your search in December can help you ring in the New Year celebrating a new job.

Best of luck in your search,




Elizabeth Dinette
Executive Recruiting Manager

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