Video Interviews Know No Bounds

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Regardless of whether or not you are currently using video to conduct first interviews with your prospective new hires, it is rapidly gaining popularity in all industries. I personally attribute this to the cost effective manner in which it takes you through the hiring process. Video interviews know no geographic or scheduling constraints, which proves more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Before this new technology, if you were located in California and received a spectacular resume from someone working full-time in New York, you had to coordinate times for a phone interview and inevitably fly them out for an in-person meeting. With a pre-recorded digital interview, your candidate can take it as their schedule permits, and you can watch their responses at your leisure from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. If this doesn’t highlight enough perceived value for you to look into your options, I strongly suggest you take a look at the infographic below provided by UndercoverRecruiter.

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Marketing Manager

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Ice Hockey Principles & ‘Best Business Practices’

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With the 2015 Stanley Cup playoff season well underway, now seems like a perfect time to reflect on how we might apply a few ice hockey principles to our ‘best business practices’. In ice hockey, as in all championship sports, in order to remain competitive, teams must remain full, strong and engaged.

Think about the hockey power play.  The whistle sounds and suddenly your team has a player hustled right off the ice to the penalty box.   No substitution for your missing team member.  You must play out the penalty minutes minus one or nightmarishly, even two players short.  Lack of a full team puts you at an incredible disadvantage.  You’re outnumbered.  Your opponent will take full advantage of the numerical inequality and the stage is set for you to give up a goal.

As business owners and hiring managers, if we are continually ‘playing short’, can we expect to reach our business goals?  Acquiring and keeping key talent is critical in order to play at the championship level.  While an organization may not be ‘currently hiring’, a strategic management team is always on the lookout for its next superstar.  Maintaining a laser-focus on the development of a winning team will show a direct correlation to high-performance within an organization.  Hire carefully, mentor, coach and train.

Play your heart out and never take your eyes off the business ‘puck’.  There is no coasting in ice hockey and there is no trophy for second place.  The business parallel is clear.  Are you hiring and playing to win or are you just getting ‘iced’?

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Don’t Try to Make Diamonds from Coal

What Really Happens When You Hire the Wrong Candidate

Image credit: | Flickr
Image credit: | Flickr

No one hires the wrong candidate intentionally, but lets face it… it happens. Perhaps some vital information or red flags were overlooked due to time constraints, an ‘overly-embellished’ resume, interview fatigue or pressure to immediately fill a key vacancy. No matter HOW it happens, putting a square peg in a round hole just doesn’t work. Sure, you may be able to sledgehammer it through, but don’t expect it to fit properly. Check out the link above to gain a little insight into what it can truly mean when your company selects the wrong candidate.

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Talent Assets


While admittedly it has been many years since I found myself in a college Accounting course, I’m just NOT remembering any instruction given as to where to put the ‘key employee talent’ on the balance sheet.   Quoting Albert Einstein, “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”  While in-house talent can’t be owned by a company and as a result is not easily reported to shareholders, there can be no doubt of the value key talent brings to the company table.   Is key talent not vastly more valuable than our ‘Furniture and Fixtures’?

As a CEO, you may live by your corporate financials, but the key drivers of high-performing business activities are the items not mentioned in your reports.   The health of your team is essentially the health of your business.  For the lack of one critical team member, your business health can suffer in lower customer satisfaction levels, decreased morale and decreased production.

It’s Springtime, a time for new growth and renewal.  Review your team.  Upgrade or add talent where necessary; do a little spring cleaning.  Keep the bench full. Promote. Mentor. Review your succession plan (Wait! You have a succession plan, right?).  By being attentive to these items, you will more easily reach your organizational goals and attain the desired numbers on your financial reports.

Let’s all reconstruct our mental Chart of Accounts and not underestimate the value of having the right person in the right seat at our corporate tables.

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Two Trends Tesla is Spearheading in Nevada


Here’s a bit of wisdom for your Wednesday.

In a recent Yahoo! Finance article, Tesla was given credit for two major trends it is inspiring in Northern Nevada due to impact the factory is already having on the region’s economy.

“…Tesla is amplifying the two biggest labor trends in the US right now: Wage growth is coming, and companies can’t find enough qualified workers.”

With the best in the industries already working, Northern Nevada businesses are going to have to get creative to attract and retain their key talent. Elon Musk recognizes that “We have a workforce that will have to be upgraded.”

See the article here.

Want to know how much Tesla plans to pay? Find out here.

What are your thoughts on securing and keeping the best in the workforce?

Support Miracles at Montreux on Monday, June 1, 2015

Montreux-PhotoOur friends at Renown Children’s Hospital, our only local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital will be hosting the ‘Miracles at Montreux’ Golf Tournament on Monday, June 1, 2015 at the Montreux Golf and Country Club.

CVirtual is proud to be a Hole Sponsor for this event and invites our local business friends and family to participate with us.

Donations from the event will assist with the purchase of two Hamilton C2 Ventilators for premature babies in the Renown Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU is a 39-bed unit, created specifically for treating newborns. Whether entering the world too soon or suffering complications at birth, the babies treated in this unit rely on Renown’s highly trained staff and access to the latest technology to provide the specialized care they need.   CVirtual recognizes the importance of a non-profit hospital in our community and we all know a little person or two who has required newborn intensive care.  Kiss your kids and grandkids and we’ll see you at Montreux on June 1!

See the link below for more info.

-Susan Moreno
CEO, CVirtual