How to Compare Recruiting Firms: Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges: Comparing Recruiting Firms

Unfair Comparisons

What’s the best way to compare recruiting firms?

Here are two measuring sticks to help you:

  1. Your experience with them during the process and
  2. The final product—your new hire.

With these two measuring sticks you’d be able to identify whether or not you’ve made a wise decision.

The Problem

The problem with that, is that you’re also stuck.

You’re forced to choose a recruiting firm prior to knowing what your experience will be with them or the quality of the final product. You have good measuring sticks to help you decide if you ever want to use them again, but nothing to help you beforehand.

Not all recruiting firms are created equal. They don’t follow the same sourcing and recruiting processes to help you find your next hire.

While some are a little better than just sending over every resume they can get their hands on, others are light years beyond that. The better ones use technology to help lighten your load when hiring. They allow for you to review candidate’s virtual interviews prior to inviting them for a live interview. While virtual interviews help the process run smoother and save time, they still don’t ensure that you’re seeing the most qualified candidates. There’s a LOT of work that needs to go into finding those perfect candidates beforehand.

The Solution

Here’s what we do for our clients to ensure that you have a great experience and hire the best candidates the market has to offer. Notice that the first 10 steps are performed before any contact is ever made.

Virtual Interviews are only a part of what we do for you. Let me share with you what goes on behind the scenes to identify and engage the best candidates. 

  1. Seek First to Understand. We spend time understanding your company’s culture and desired requirements for your new hire.
  2. Magnetic Job Descriptions. We create an appealing job description that is behavior-focused and highlights the bigger vision of the position.
  3. People Connectors. We share your job opening in the most qualified places in order attract only top talent.  We’re not job posters, but people connectors.
  4. Geographically Targeted. We can search as narrowly or globally as your company requires.
  5. SWOT Analysis. This is where the real work begins. We create a target list of competing products and companies. We will perform a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) Analysis to strengthen the position of your offering in the market place.
  6. List Building. We dig deep into our databases, alumni networks and scour the internet employing complex Boolean searches to find qualified candidates that meet your hiring criteria.
  7. Corporate Culture and Professional Matching. We will study the candidates’ professional online presence to see if each candidate is a professional fit or not.
  8. Virtual Water Cooler. We will join some of the candidate’s online groups and engage with some of the same professional peers online.
  9. Value Fitting. We become a part of the candidate’s world. We seek to build a professional relationship in order to truly identify that each candidate is the right fit for your company.
  10. Poser Detector. We become well enough acquainted with each candidate to know whether or not they’re the real deal or have simply peppered their resumes and online profiles with just enough industry key words to stand out.
  11. First Contact. Once we have identified a top candidate, we will engage them and pique their interest in your company.
  12. Welcome Guest vs Pesky Pest. We have done all of our homework up front and have a working professional relationship with each candidate so that our messages are welcomed while those from other recruiters are regarded as SPAM.
  13. Strategic Positioning. Your CVirtual team doesn’t sift through resumes hoping for someone to stand out. We embrace communities to identify the movers and the shakers in your industry.
  14. The CVirtual Difference is Our People. CVirtual’s network of experienced professional Recruiters and Sourcers are committed to finding your company the most qualified candidates the market has to offer.

Let us help you hire the best and experience the CVirtual Difference for yourself. Call 877.300.1950.